Introducing MRG Foundation’s new Executive Director, Roberta Phillip-Robbins

Five years ago I was selected as MRG’s ‘next’ executive director. I was chosen to honor the past and to lead us boldly into the future. While at MRG I’ve promoted the power of critical thinking, pushed bold programming, and introduced powerful community conversations. I’ve worked with smart and creative staff, board, and community members […] More »

What’s Best and What’s Next: An Exciting Transition for MRG Foundation

MRG friends and supporters, It is an exciting time at MRG Foundation and for me. As you’ve seen in the video, I will be transitioning from MRG in late 2016 after fully supporting the board and staff in identifying and training MRG’s next Executive Director. I’ve been humbled to lead great work, to continue to […] More »

Hiring: Finance & Operations Director

MRG Foundation is looking for an experienced, accessible, and collaborative Finance & Operations Director to join our team! More »

Everyone raises their glass at an MRG event

A Fond Farewell for Anita

After 12 years at MRG, and as a key part of MRG’s leadership team, we’re wishing Anita a fond farewell as she leaves to pursue a new adventure at the Partnership for Safety & Justice. More »

Portland protesters follow the lead of a Black organizer

Not Your Grandmother’s Movement

Today’s young, Black organizers are building a movement led by those most impacted and aligned with their community and their needs. Let’s get behind it. More »

Sirius leads a training on fundraising

MRG Foundation launches Capacity Building Initiative

MRG Foundation received a $1.3m grant from Meyer Memorial Trust to launch a new Capacity Building Initiative. More »

Image of a calendar turning pages

So Much More than a Month

Invitations to speak for Black History Month started in January but our individual and shared histories are too broad, too deep, and too intertwined to be relegated to a single month. More »

Ferguson solidarity rally

In Ferguson, it’s the Movement, not the Moment that Matters

It’s been 108 days since Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri sparked a modern day mobilization. More »

A panel leads a discussion with community members at MRG's vote your values forum

Times When We Can’t Stay Quiet: Voting Yes on Measure 88

Foundations often shy away from political activity, but there are times when you can’t stay quiet. Here’s why we’re voting yes on Measure 88. More »

Carol Tatch smiling at the camera

Welcoming Carol Tatch

Carol Tatch, formerly at Mercy Corps, joins MRG Foundation as our new Donor Relations Director. In her new role at MRG, Carol will provide strategic vision and leadership for our major donor program. More »