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I’ve been riding the rollercoaster for several days now, and want to share an amazing, sad and joyful moment in MRG’s evolution with each of you. After more than 12 years at MRG, and as a key part of MRG’s leadership team, Anita Rodgers is leaving for a new adventure in the nonprofit world, having accepted the position of Finance and Operations Director at the Partnership for Safety and Justice.

An Incredible Legacy

Though I don’t want to push too deep or get into heavy numbers, here are a few “Anita facts” to ponder. During her tenure at MRG, Anita read nearly 1400 grantee proposals, (1379, to be exact)! She oversaw the disbursement of $6.5 million in the form of 830 grants to nearly 200 groups (187 groups, to be exact)! Anita also guided our strategic planning, led the development and implementation of an intentional racial justice analysis, and helped MRG make strategic use of a $3 million gift from the Ralph L. Smith Foundation.

Anita Rodgers joined MRG’s team in 2003 as our Program Director, having previously held the position of Executive Director of the Community Alliance of Tenants, and spending decades organizing around affordable housing and Latin American solidarity. While at MRG, she’s also served as our Associate Director and, most recently, Deputy Director, bringing her own unique style and a deep focus on MRG’s mission to each of those roles.

While we’re sad to say goodbye to Anita, it’s thrilling to know that her incredible talents will be utilized at PSJ, a former grantee and long-time ally of MRG. PSJ is one of the leading advocates for criminal justice reform in Oregon and is working to build a criminal justice system that serves communities, rather than for-profit prisons. We know that Anita’s expert strategic, operational, and financial thinking will help PSJ strengthen their work!

MRG has certainly benefited from Anita’s expertise, deep commitment to racial and social justice, infectious laughter, and belief in unicorns as a solution to the world’s ills! We are stronger, more strategic, more joyful, and have grown exponentially due to her deep passion and engagement with us.

What’s Next

We’ll be hosting gatherings in Eugene and Portland to celebrate and say goodbye to Anita and to thank her for her service to MRG and our collective vision — I hope you’ll join us!

If you or someone you know is interested in building on Anita’s legacy, supporting MRG and Oregon’s social justice movements, and joining MRG’s teams as our Finance & Operations Director, you can find the job posting here.

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