Justice-seekers gather over food

No Vacation from Justice

It’s that time of year when the sun is shinning brightly and our thoughts turn quickly to the outdoors. But justice knows no season! Every summer gathering and celebration is a chance to build momentum. More »

Sheryl Sackman goodbye party

Wishing Sheryl All the Best

It is with gratitude, the best of wishes and, yes, some sadness, that MRG Foundation bids a fond farewell to our longtime development director, Sheryl Sackman as she pursues a new adventure with the Forest Park Conservancy! More »

What Will You Do for a Healthier Oregon?

Whether they’re reforming Oregon’s medical system or addressing inequity, MRG grantees improve the health of Oregonians. How will you support them? More »

The Right Kind of Selfishness

Let’s remember that we all have self-interest in a more just and joyful world and let’s not be afraid of righteous selfishness in pursuit of that vision. More »

Voz Workers Rights rallies for change

A Labor Movement for All of Us

Every Labor Day, I’m reminded that this is a time for picnics, family gatherings, and barbecues – but also a chance to reflect on the important role of the labor movement, both historically and today. More »

We Need More Philanthropists Who Listen (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Sharon highlights the importance of activist-led grantmaking in a recent op-ed for The Nonprofit Quarterly. More »

Silent Outrage is Not Enough

The Voting Rights Act ruling from the Supreme Court ignores the history of oppression and current disenfranchisement efforts that make the VRA so important. We can’t let this step backward go by with nothing but silent outrage. More »

The Rightness of Taking a Stand

I was recently listening to my brother-in-law talk about his experience as a young athlete and social justice activist. More »

I see a New Day Coming

I see a new day coming so full of promise and offering everyone the opportunity for full participation in the American dream. More »

Reflecting on a Happier April 15th

As I move through spring, my thoughts are often on revitalization and renewal. I find myself considering how much better I’d feel if I could have a say in where our tax money goes; to know that it’s supporting change for the better. More »