MRG friends and supporters,

It is an exciting time at MRG Foundation and for me. As you’ve seen in the video, I will be transitioning from MRG in late 2016 after fully supporting the board and staff in identifying and training MRG’s next Executive Director.

I’ve been humbled to lead great work, to continue to walk our legacy, and to promote the values and principles that have guided our foundation for the last 40 years. I envision the next 40 years of MRG will be just as strong and I look forward to continuing to champion the work as a supporter and friend.

I appreciate your support of our work and your investment in the vision of justice we hold. I encourage your continued support in the vision of real social change that MRG has held for 40 years, and intends to build on over the next 40.

We know that this is big news and you may have questions. Please feel free to call our offices next week at 503-289-1517 and MRG staff will be happy to answer questions.

Sharon Gary-Smith

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