Sheryl Sackman goodbye party

It is with gratitude, the best of wishes and, yes, some sadness, that I bid a fond farewell to our longtime development director, Sheryl Sackman.

Sheryl joined MRG’s team with a passion for environmental and social justice, bringing tremendous experience building development programs and managing fabulous fundraising events. What began as a natural fit of values, vision, and experience between Sheryl and MRG, turned into a relationship lasting more than a decade and substantially shaping MRG’s fundraising philosophy and strategy.

In her time at MRG, Sheryl has engaged more people to support social justice in Oregon, strengthened systems, and launched MRG’s two signature events: Justice within Reach and the Social Justice Summer Party in Eugene. Her willingness to take on responsibilities small and large is well known, her talent for tracking all aspects of a program is impressive, and her ability to leverage fundraising as an organizing strategy is inspiring.

Building on years of dedicated service to MRG, Sheryl is moving on to a new and exciting adventure, as the development director for the Forest Park Conservancy, which inspires community appreciation and stewardship of Portland’s iconic, urban wilderness. Sheryl is excited to bring the same tenacity and dedication that served her so well at MRG to strengthen the Forest Park Conservancy’s development program. We wish her all the best in this fabulous next step!

Sheryl’s mark on MRG is indelible and we are a much stronger organization because of her time here. To build on the foundation Sheryl has set, we are launching a search for a Major Gifts Director, who will engage an even larger number of people to fund social change organizing in Oregon.

If you’d like to wish Sheryl all the best, I hope you’ll join us for her send-off party on July 24th in Portland (more to come!) or at our annual Social Justice Summer Party on August 3rd in Eugene. Both will be fabulous opportunities to celebrate her legacy at MRG!

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