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MRG Foundation has a long history of funding in Tribal Communities including Tribal Restoration efforts for Grand Ronde and Klamath Tribes as well as language and cultural preservation and Tribal people impacted by the court system. 

Recognizing that there is a larger oppressive machine at work which is predicated on disenfranchising Tribes and individual Indian people as well as many others who are a part of marginalized groups, MRG Foundation has established the Since Time Immemorial Fund in an effort to rapidly deploy resources to Tribal communities across the region when opportunity or need arises.

This fund was activated in 2020 to respond to COVID-19 in recognition that Tribal communities are one of, if not the, hardest hit by the pandemic in every aspect: financially, environmentally, socially, mentally and physically, and culturally. 

MRG has seeded this fund with $50,000 from our own COVID-19 Community Response Fund. Three other funding partners—Northwest Health Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, the Collins Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust and Group Health Foundation—have also come forward to help, and after one quickly-deployed emergency grant for a Warm Springs-based organization, the fund now stands at $621,000. 

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Our STIF grantmaking committee, composed of Tribal community leaders from across the region, anticipates making between 15 and 20 grants.


We are accepting applications from:

  • organizations with 501(c)(3) tax exemption, 
  • groups that are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization, or 
  • Tribal entities (Tribes, Tribal Nonprofits, Community Groups etc.) 

Applicants must be located in and/or work to benefit Tribal people living in the territories currently known as Oregon and Washington or be a Tribe who traditionally called those territories home.


MRG’s Since Time Immemorial Fund prioritizes funding for Tribes and organizations that:

  1. utilize community organizing, leadership development, collective action and/or other strategies that build the collective power of people to change large-scale systems; and 
  2. apply an intersectional lens that centers racial justice and Tribal sovereignty; and
  3. address the roots causes of injustice, not just its effects; and
  4. are led by the people most impacted; and
  5. understand their own role within, and are actively fighting against systems of oppression, violence and injustice.

STIF grants are meant to resource Tribal communities to build or maintain social movements that work toward the decolonization, liberation, and celebration of American Indian/Alaska Native culture and traditions. This includes activities such as: 

  • Policy advocacy for Tribal health and wellbeing; 
  • Support of Tribal infrastructure; 
  • Delivery of essential services (nutritious food access; education and training; business development resources; and physical, mental, social and spiritual services to Tribal citizens; among others); and 
  • Preservation and celebration of sovereignty, treaty and trust responsibility, culture, language, traditional foods and medicine, and history. 


Applicants can apply for grants of between $5,000 and $20,000 and they may be for project or operating support. All grants are for one year. 

Grantees will not be required to submit a written report; instead, at the end of the grant period, they will schedule a 45-minute conversation with MRG staff to share lessons learned. 

Please note that while we try to fund grants as requested, our funds are limited so our grantmaking committee may decide to award grants at a lesser amount in order to resource more organizations.  


Applications open on Tuesday, August 18. 

As soon as organizations submit their applications, our grantmakers will read and score them and may reach out with additional questions on certain predetermined days. 

For approval on: The last day to submit: Additional Questions call
September 4 August 21 August 28
September 18 September 7 September 11
October 9 October 2 October 7

We will stop accepting applications on October 2 at 5:00 p.m.

NOTE that we may extend the final date if we have not disbursed all the funds. By the same token, we may run out of funds before October 2 so we encourage applicants to submit their applications as soon as possible.  


MRG believes that the communities most impacted are the best qualified for making decisions around the challenges they experience and the solutions proposed. In that spirit, our Since Time Immemorial Fund grantmakers are all Tribal leaders working closely on the issues affecting our communities. 


Applicants must create an account and submit their applications online via MRG’s Submittable platform:  

If submitting an application online presents major challenges, please let us know and we will work with you to address any barriers. 


Please contact Vio at or at 503-289-1517, ext. 3, and we’ll answer within 48 hours.