MRG Foundation Board members celebrate our exciting executive transition.

I felt an instant connection after being introduced to MRG Foundation at the annual
Open House a few years ago. From the moment I walked in and saw the diversity,
vibrancy, and joy in that room, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. I have
always been active in the Asian American Pacific Islander community and saw MRG as
an opportunity to do more.

My MRG path continued as I volunteered for the Justice within Reach Committee and
became Chair the next year. My next step was joining the Board of Directors. I had the
skill, experience, and ideas to support the growth of the foundation, and recognized I
could learn more from my MRG experience.

Getting involved with MRG helped me broaden my scope, deepen my understanding
of intersectionality, and engage in a larger movement. By working with MRG and our
community, I grew and transformed as a leader, examining social justice through a racial
justice lens.

MRG has a natural way of attracting activists, and before you know it, you are part of
the movement and are stepping up to lead. When I first volunteered, I didn’t know how
involved I would become or what I would learn. I am thankful for the opportunity to be
involved because, in the end, I love MRG people, my people, and the work we do.

Jeff Selby
Chair of JWR
Committee, Member of
MRG Board of Directors

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