Angel shares her work during the Leadership Academy where community members work to provide kids with a place to play, learn, and dream about their future.

The Welcome Home Coalition, a new grantee to MRG, brings together a broad
community to build a movement empowered to address the problem of our missing
affordable housing infrastructure. We aren’t alone in this housing crisis. Cities across
the nation are facing similar challenges, and many of us are stepping up and taking
action. At Welcome Home, we’re building power by bringing together and sharing
the stories of local voices impacted by this crisis and wanting to make a better, safer
community for everyone. With support from MRG Foundation, we are making change
through the voices of those most affected.

The Leadership Academy, an open-door leadership development program, engages,
trains, and activates tenants, case managers, and partner organizations to be leaders
in this movement. Participants learn how to construct personal stories and use them
effectively to impact policy and action on affordable housing. At a time when affordable
housing and homelessness are in the media every day, we strive to pivot from
sensationalized sound bites to thoughtful, hopeful, and constructive conversations that
lead to solutions.

Rooted in the voices of our community, we are elevating the issue of affordable housing
to a matter of neighborly values, community pride, and long-term livability. It’s not real
estate or housing stock — affordable homes are public infrastructure like libraries,
parks, and bridges. Welcome Home, with support from MRG Foundation, is building
power, voice, and story for better communities where home is a place we can all afford.

Jes Larson
Executive Director,
Welcome Home Coalition

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