As hate is being legitimized, the needs of our planet overlooked, and the safety of many in our communities called into question, we face a difficult challenge: how to best invest in and fund the social justice movement. Leaders are moving-up and raising their voices against threats to protect and grow a more just Oregon. As a social justice funder, we are committed to working within community and using our limited resources to fund these voices and leaders.

By staying true to our roots and looking to our activist grantmakers, we are excited to award $200,000 to 17 groups across Oregon working on a variety of issues including immigrant rights, access to healthcare, labor reform, and environmental justice, among others.

MRG’s activist-led grantmaking drove this important and challenging process by bringing together grassroots organizers to critically examine the needs of communities and the work being done.  Through a rich dialogue, we were able to select and invest in these 17 groups who are working strategically, elevating voices most impacted by injustice, and changing the landscape of our communities. Working alongside our grantmakers allows us to stay agile, connected, and radical, as we have been for the last 40 years.

Learn more about our grantees:

350PDXPortland- $20,000
We envision a future where greenhouse gas emissions fall to levels that are safe for our children, grandchildren, and life on earth. Where social, political, and economic systems have shifted to prioritizing just jobs within a fossil-free economy. Where the continuing effects of climate change are no longer disproportionately affecting the poor and disadvantaged. Where sustaining life takes precedence over corporate profits, leading to healthy, thriving, and resilient communities.

African Youth Community OrganizationPortland- $4,000
African Youth Community Organization (AYCO) works to empower immigrants and refugees from African and other diaspora countries. AYCO is dedicated to developing leaders and advocates in the immigrant and refugee community by utilizing education, leadership development, and civic engagement to build greater community engagement and involvement in social and political institutions.

Black United Fund of OregonPortland- $13,500
The Black United Fund of Oregon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing community needs and empowering individuals and future generations through the pursuit of education; both formal and experiential.

Civil Liberties Defense CenterEugene- $20,000
CLDC strengthens grassroots activism in Oregon by educating people about their rights, providing legal defense for community activists, and challenging the persistent erosion of civil liberties.

Human Dignity CoalitionBend- $10,000
Founded in response to the virulent anti-gay ballot measures of the 1990’s, Human Dignity Coalition brings together diverse voices to create a grassroots social change movement in Central Oregon. HDC advances human dignity and equity for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people through organizing, education, and leadership development work.

Health Care for All-OregonPortland- $15,000- New to MRG
Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) is a statewide nonprofit organization striving to achieve an equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high-quality, publicly funded universal health care system to serve everyone in Oregon and the United States.

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant JusticePortland- $7,000
Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice is an interfaith coalition of religious leaders, individuals, and congregations working for just and humane immigration reform. IMIJ also seeks to transform the unjust social and economic policies that drive migration to the United States.

Living StagesPortland- $10,000
Living Stages is a theatre organization built around the Theatre of the Oppressed model and creating a space for community reflection, empowerment, and collective action. Living Stages uses theater to train leaders among those most impacted by systemic oppression by building anti-oppression tools and strategies on stage that can be used in wider life.

KSKQ Community RadioMedford- $10,000
As Rogue Valley’s community radio station, KSKQ is building a space for dialogue that empowers resilient communities and celebrates cultural diversity. KSKQ strengthens the progressive movement in Southern Oregon by providing a venue for grassroots groups to present their views while challenging the corporate-owned media that dominates the airwaves.

Micronesian Islander Community-Salem- $6,000- New to MRG
The Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) promotes cultural awareness and community through programs and events that provide opportunities for economic growth and justice for the Micronesian communities in Oregon.

Red Earth Descendants– Ashland- $7,000
Red Earth Descendants is a grassroots, indigenous-based organization committed to creating healthy, sustainable community while preserving Native values, traditions and culture. RED joins together indigenous youth, elders, families, and regional tribes to share knowledge and skills, celebrate their culture, and preserve their way of life.

NOWIA Unete Center for Farmworker AdvocacyMedford- $9,000
Through community education, cultural presentations, and advocacy, Unete Center for Farmworker Advocacy is creating a movement of farm workers and immigrants in Southern Oregon who have the power to defend their rights while also developing and implementing programs that directly benefit the community.

PassinArt: A Theater CompanyPortland- $10,000
PassinArt: A Theatre Company is an African American producing theater company whose mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire artists and audiences while addressing critical issues facing our community. The organization’s goal is to present quality yet affordable theatrical productions, staged readings, and education workshops for African American/multi-cultural adults, youth, and others in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Portland Jobs with JusticePortland- $15,000
Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of 90 labor, community, student, and faith-based groups who are united to defend the rights of all working people and advance social and economic justice for all members of the community. Portland Jobs with Justice engages unlikely allies to shift the balance of power so that everyone can have a decent standard of living, job security, and the right to organize.

Red Lodge Transition Services– Portland- $17,000
Native Americans are grossly over-represented in Oregon’s prison population. Red Lodge Transition Services is a Native American organization working to reduce recidivism, prevent intergenerational incarceration, and challenge the Oregon Department of Corrections to address religious freedom and basic human rights of Indigenous people.

Trans*PonderEugene- $6000- New to MRG
Trans*Ponder is a non-profit support, resource, and educational organization for the transgender/gender diverse community and its allies. Trans*Ponder hosts monthly support groups and social outings; organizes educational events; partners regularly with various organizations and businesses to provide professional gender diversity consultations, panels and trainings; and participates regularly in other LGBTQ events to keep the T visible and engaged in the conversation.

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