As some of you may have noted from my recent absence of a couple months, the Resources for Grantees section of the MRG website is not a frequently posted-to blog. Yet I want to encourage MRG grantees to continue ongoing learning when it comes to communications. So, here are three easy-to-digest email lists that I have found useful to share with people on nonprofit communications. Signing up for these three lists will deliver some good communication advice into your email inbox on a regular basis.

1- Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide Blog

Her weekly email is a mix of promotions for her webinars and materials, which include some great free articles on nonprofit marketing. Marketing is just one component of your communications strategy, but there’s a bunch of useful theory and practice here that can apply to many of your communications (For example: Five Ways Nonprofits Blow Their Asks). She maintains an excellent website and has become popular as a nonprofit marketing resource thanks to her affordable and well-rounded webinar package. Don’t have time for webinars? At least take a few minutes each week to read Kivi’s tips via email.

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2- New Organizing Institute Tip of the the Day

These emails are daily, but short and quite easy to digest. More than communications, they cover communications and tech tips to support organizing (and also some general nonprofit management). It’s in an easy-to-scan format, with accurate subject lines so if you’re not interested in the tip, you can tell right away. I find myself periodically searching my email account to re-read or forward some of their past tips, like this excellent tip on how to Make Facebook <3 Your Posts.

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August 2019 Update: The New Organizing Institute Tip of the Day mailing list is no longer active.  

3- Nancy Schwartz’s Getting Attention

Similar to Kivi Leroux Miller, her focus is pretty tightly on nonprofit marketing. It’s not that I only want to recommend email lists that talk about marketing… but her emails are not too frequent, and she often has some great takeaways. She works with so many groups and does a great job of finding the common threads, as she does in the Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide 2012, in which she collects tips and stories from many folks who work in nonprofit communications.

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This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these three websites will get solid communications advice into your email inbox on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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