In Fall 2010, Bobby Fouther led an online workshop for MRG Foundation grantees on how to take pictures that tell your group’s story. Here’s the slideshow presentation he used. We’ve also shared a few highlights from the presentation below.

Sketch out “the story” ahead of time

You can even “storyboard” the photos you want to take before your event. What shots will tell the story of the event? Make a list ahead of time, and plan for what you’ll want those shots to look like. For example, if you know you’re having a march, do you want pictures of people getting ready? Of the front of the march? Which close-ups will work best? (There’s a sample of a blank storyboard in the slideshow.)

Consider using creative vantage points

Shots from above or from the side can add a dramatic quality to the photo (examples in slideshow)

How to capture movement

Bobby’s tips: aim where you know the action will be, and remember to take the shot early to allow for your digital camera’s delay. To keep the camera steady, plant your feet shoulder-width apart, and let your arms rest on your ribcage.


Crop tightly to give the correct focus to your picture (sample crops of photos in slideshow).

We have another post to help you out in this arena: Five Tips for Photos that Tell Your Group’s Story.

Bottom line: a little planning ahead of time and some creativity will help your group get more photos that show the power of your work. We can’t wait to see the results!

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