Thank you Carol Tatch for your advancement of MRG's vision and work.

When I was brought into the MRG family by Sharon Gary-Smith over three years ago, she let me know that the purpose of my being with MRG was to take my knowledge forward to other organizations. Her words were an advisement to continually build the network of professionals serving in the social justice non-profit space. She welcomed me in to do this work, and I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to lend my expertise to those of my colleagues to underpin the work of our grantees statewide.

In accepting a position at Volunteers of America Oregon, I have done just that. I have taken with me the knowledge of 27 years in philanthropic work and the very special way that MRG Foundation considers the playing field for transformational philanthropic work in social justice. It is not about making sure everyone has a place at the table, it’s about making sure that those who are most impacted have a table that is sized to fit their individual needs and fields of expertise.

As MRG prepares to lead grantees, funding partners, donors, and community partners through the incredibly harsh field that has become the landscape of America, they will have my support and my engagement. Because we are MRG, we will continue to learn from our communities and grantees, and we will lean into the discomfort that shapes our world to create one where people, and their ecosystems, thrive. It has been a pleasure working with each one of MRGs supporters—you make our work possible and relevant. Thank you.

MRG Board and Staff thank Carol for her work with MRG Foundation over the last four years and wish her all the best in her new work. Carol’s last day with MRG as a staffer was May 8, 2018 but we know we will see each other as we do our work for justice.

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