CAPACES members in front of mural in Woodburn

Congratulations to CAPACES, one of 15 MRG grantees for Spring, 2018.

MRG’s Grant making committee and Board is excited to announce the Spring 2018 grantees!

Out of 29 groups that applied, MRG’s activist-led grant making committee granted $155,000 to 15 groups across Oregon in our Spring 2018 grant cycle. From La Grande to North Bend, Portland to Phoenix, and Salem to Eugene, the work spanned as broadly as the state, including indigenous language revitalization, resisting and building communities amidst white nationalism in rural Oregon, immigrant justice and DACA advocacy, cultural preservation through dance, influencing the Superfund cleanup site of the Willamette River, supporting resiliency work inside the Oregon State Penitentiary, resisting LNG terminal construction, community radio, and building capacity for queer and trans communities. Organizing takes shape in many different ways, but all these groups are committed to building their power to change political, social, and economic systems that perpetuate white supremacy and divide us.

We thank all of the applicants and recognize the many groups doing important work we could not fund this cycle.  Read on about these groups and many of them also have more information on their campaigns and programs on their organizational websites.

350Deschutes | Bend | $9,000
350Deschutes is an ardent advocate for climate policy, both locally and statewide. They continue to advocate for Oregon state carbon pricing, transition from coal to clean energy, and elimination of fossil fuel projects. They work in Central Oregon to provide education to raise awareness, build power within their community, and effect policy change in the region and across the state in hopes of having climate justice for all.

CAPACES Leadership Institute | Woodburn | $13,000
Founded by a network of nine community based, Latino-led social change organizations in the mid-Willamette Valley, CAPACES Leadership Institute develops the skills and abilities of Oregon’s Latino leaders. CAPACES empowers emerging and established progressive leaders to put into practice the big ideas and values that define the Latino movement.

Citizens for Renewables | North Bend |  $7,000
Citizens for Renewables is a determined voice that says NO to the systemic oppression caused by well-funded corporate speculators in the fossil fuel industry who are determined to inflict environmental and economic damage on a struggling community.

KPOV High Desert Community Radio | Bend | $12,000
KPOV is radio by the people and for the people of Central Oregon. KPOV strengthens community and democracy by providing quality programming on topics of local interest and giving a voice to local communities through grassroots participation in independent, non-commercial radio.

Komemma Cultural Protection Association | Yoncalla | $10,000
KCPA preserves the culture, history, and traditions of the Kalapuya Indians of Western Oregon. They promote Kalapuya culture and engage American Indian youth in leadership opportunities while dismantling entrenched anti-Indian beliefs, attitudes, and practices in Douglas County.

Kúkátónón Children’s African Dance Troupe | Portland | $10,000
For more than 35 years, Kúkátónón has continued to educate and empower Oregon children to build sustainable futures by bridging the cultural gap for African and African American children through performance art, experiential learning, and cultural preservation.

Lakota Oyate Ki | Salem | $8,000
Lakota Oyate Ki is a Native American culture club located within the walls of the Oregon State Penitentiary. The Lakota Club is led by Native inmates and through their organizing work to preserve, restore, and sustain their Indian heritage and connection with the broader Native community.

Latino Club | Salem | $7,000
Located in the Oregon State Penitentiary, the Latino Club’s vision is to create an environment within the prison that ensures everyone has the same access to education and work opportunities, regardless of race or ability to speak English. By tackling issues of racism and discrimination, the Latino Club helps their members successfully transition back into their communities.

Northwest Forest Worker Center | Medford | $12,000
The mission of the Northwest Forest Worker Center (NFWC) is to promote forest stewardship that is respectful of all forest workers and harvesters and the land. The majority of people in the woods were and still are an invisible workforce of ecosystem restoration workers and harvesters of non-timber forest products. These workers and harvesters come from many different cultural backgrounds, yet are all impacted by an economic system that sees labor and natural resources simple as inputs to capital. The NFWC has thus focused on community organizing to build a more sustainable and just society from the grassroots up.

Oregon DACA Coalition | Salem | $10,000
The Oregon DACA Coalition’s strategy for fighting injustice against undocumented Americans starts with providing support to the local, undocumented community. ODC is involved in a variety of activities, including but not limited to: providing financial assistance for DACA application fees, hosting community building and self-care events, sharing personal stories in public forums and town halls, organizing events to activate voters, and organizing local rallies and participating in national rallies.

Oregon Rural Action | La Grande | $14,000
Based in Eastern Oregon, Oregon Rural Action organizes a wide range of people including immigrants, farmers, ranchers, and loggers to unite around issues such as toxic pesticide exposure in Ontario, food insecurity in Malheur County, and renewable energy development in Union County. ORA’s mission is bringing people together to build strong communities, addressing root causes and developing member capacity to take collective action issues that affect their lives.

Portland Harbor Community Coalition | Portland | $12,000
The Portland Harbor Community Coalition (PHCC) is a group of individual community members, community of color organizations, conservation organizations, environmental justice organizations, higher educational institutions, and Native organizations, all invested in the outcome of the Willamette River’s Superfund site cleanup.

Q Center | Portland | $12,000
The Q Center provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, equity, visibility, and community building. Q Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization which offers multi-generational programs and services in four core areas: Arts & Culture; Education & Training; Health & Wellness, and Advocacy.

Rogue Action Center | Phoenix | $10,000
The Rogue Action Center (RACP is an independent non-profit hub for Rogue Valley community organizing for social, economic, racial, and climate justice. The RAC helps local residents with movement building, leadership development and training, strategic planning, communications support, education on issues, and much more.

Trans*Ponder | Eugene | $9,000
Trans*Ponder is a non-profit support, resource, and educational organization for the transgender/gender diverse community and its allies.