I have previously pointed out that any social justice group would benefit from three simple tools: Google Alerts, Google Analytics and Google Grants. Add two more Google tools to your toolbox:

Google for Nonprofits: the website

Google’s gathered up all their tools for nonprofits so that they are nicely arranged and easy to find via the Google for Nonprofits websites. Want to give Google Earth a spin? Want to beef up your group’s YouTube account? It’s all there. And now you can apply for a Google Grant (for text ads that appear in search engine results pages) even more easily. The word is that Google has now committed to speeding up the application process so that you’ll get a reply in a month instead of the previous six-month turnaround. So, no reason to put it off!

Google for Nonprofits Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter that’s always chock-full of great tips, ideas and updates on Google’s programs and tools.  I always take a few minutes to look this over when I see it in my inbox, and there’s always something I haven’t seen before that’s worth clicking through to learn about. Sign up for it on the group page for Google for Nonprofits

Google offers these great tools that can move your work to the next level. But it’s up to you to use them!

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