MRG Foundation has made a grant to the organizers of a rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square to attract yet more folks to the “Occupy Movement” using song and community. The lunchtime rally on October 28th will bring together Portland’s Pink Martini and Storm Large along with speakers from a rainbow of faith and secular communities engaged in social justice work for a sing-along in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

“These community leaders, many of them long-time community activists, have come up with a great way to engage even more people in the vibrant Occupy movement we’re seeing in Portland,” says Sharon Gary-Smith, MRG executive director. “The rally offers great music, movement songs we all can sing, and lots of folks who are doing great social justice work. What a great chance for a party and teachable moment.”

MRG’s grant was made with our Critical Response funds, which are for grassroots groups responding to unexpected opportunities to organize for justice. MRG Foundation encourages others who want to turn these Occupy events into ongoing organizing for racial and economic justice to look at our guidelines to see if you are a fit for critical response funding.

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