Philanthropy's Promise Collage

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy has put out a call for funders to commit to funding marginalized communities and advocacy work — to realize “Philanthropy’s Promise.” MRG Foundation is one of the early signers of their voluntary pledge. We’re joining over 60 other funders across the nation who combine to give out close to $2.5 billion in grants a year.

MRG Foundation has always been committed to funding underserved and marginalized communities. We seek out groups that are focused addressing the root causes of injustice and are developing leaders from communities that are directly affected by an issue. Although this pledge is not new for us — a pledge to give at least half our grant dollars to underserved communities and at least one quarter of our grant dollars for systemic change — it gives us a chance to re-affirm our commitment to the best strategy for a more just world.

“Philanthropy’s Promise” builds on previous NCRP work, such as their 2010 report on the effectiveness of funding grassroots advocacy work. That report highlights the $5 billion in community benefits created by 20 grassroots groups in the Pacific Northwest over a five-year period through their advocacy work.

It’s great to see an increasing number of foundations recognizing the value of funding marginalized communities who otherwise don’t have access to foundation dollars. Thanks, NCRP!

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