Dear MRG community,

As we come to the close of 2017, we – the MRG Foundation Board of Directors – write to make you aware of a recent leadership transition at MRG Foundation.

Last year, we welcomed Roberta Phillip-Robbins as our new executive director. We are grateful to Roberta for stepping into this role and for her leadership in the past year.

The board has decided that it is time to look for new leadership. As of December 15th, Roberta is no longer the executive director of MRG Foundation.

As many of you already know, Roberta is committed to social and racial justice in Oregon, and she has been a strong advocate for MRG’s work in the broader philanthropic community. She is a leader with integrity and purpose, and we wish her well in her future endeavors. We hope you join us in wishing Roberta the best and in supporting MRG through this transition.

Each of us on the board recognized that it is a privilege and honor to serve as a board member of this well-respected and impactful foundation in Oregon. Although we are still determining next steps, during this transition the board will be working closely with staff members to ensure our programs will not be disrupted as we continue to resource Oregon’s social justice movement. Please direct any questions to Kim Thomas, Board Chair, at [email protected].

MRG Foundation continues to be Oregon’s leading social and racial justice foundation. We are dedicated to investing in activist- and people of color-led organizations who are at the forefront in social, racial, and environmental justice movements across the state.

In 2018, we anticipate awarding nearly one million dollars in grants, engaging our community in critical conversations, and continuing our work to integrate Critical Race Theory into our work to deepen our racial justice analysis.

Although we have faced challenges over the past year, the Board and staff are aligned in purpose and singularly focused on strengthening the organization and the social justice movement in Oregon. Together, we will create a more just and joyful Oregon.


MRG Foundation Board of Directors:
Kim Thomas, Board Chair
Dani Bernstein, Treasurer
Shizuko Hashimoto, Secretary
Sirius Bonner
Lizzie Martinez

One response to “Leadership Transition

  1. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for sending this information on MRG Foundation. I would be happy to work with the board and staff to develop a plan moving forward for 2018 if that would be helpful. I am a longtime support of MRG and want to help ensure it continues to thrive into the future.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you would like to meet to discuss MRG’s needs and how my assistance can prepare you to move forward with your search for a new ED.

    Jo Ann Hardesty, CEO
    Consult Hardesty

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