MRG Foundation is seeking one female choreographer who lives in Oregon to either create or perform existing work at MRG’s Justice within Reach event in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, April 20, 2013. The person chosen will receive $2,500.

Justice within Reach is MRG’s annual fundraiser where people come together from all across Oregon’s progressive movement, and we expect four hundred people to attend our annual party. The selected choreographer will work closely with MRG to create an inspiring experience for all the people at the event. Detailed description of the performance contract is here.

The selected artist will have:

• Excellent artistic, choreographic and performance skills
• Demonstrated success as a choreographer
• Proven experience choreographing pieces performed in front of a large audience (200+ members)

Who Should Apply

The Lilla Jewel Fund for Women Artists will fund this performance. The Lilla Jewel Fund for Women Artists at MRG promotes the work of women artists, particularly women of color and queer women. In order to be selected for this performance opportunity, an applicant must:

• Identify as a woman
• Live in Oregon
• Be willing to do some collaborative planning with MRG staff and volunteers
• Choreograph dance that addresses progressive social, racial, economic and/or environmental justice issues and helps inspire MRG’s party attendees
• Have a high level of accomplishment in your chosen artistic direction

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, November 19, 2012

Applications (including work samples) need to be in MRG’s office by 5:00 PM, or postmarked by that date. Late applications will not be considered. Please read the full description of the project before submitting your application.

For more information on the event space, click here for the venue floorplan.


The chosen artist will receive $2,500. Please review the full description of the project for details.

About Lilla Jewel Fund for Women Artists

Lilla Jewel was an artist, a mother and a suffragist. She was a radical during the wave of feminism that took place at the turn of the twentieth century. She fought for the rights of women, and was a founding member of the National Women’s Party.


For any questions, please email Sheryl Sackman or call 503-289-1517.

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