We’re pleased to announce 22 grants to social justice groups working on racial justice, economic justice, protection of Oregon’s environment… the list is long. What does all this organizing for justice look like? We’ve got a slideshow to help you meet the groups on Facebook and Flickr. If you want to see a list of all the $225,000 in grants, we’ve got that too.

MRG grantees are working in communities like Roseburg, Medford, Bend and Portland. This slate includes grants from $5,000 to $20,000. In addition to groups that we’ve supported for years, we’ve got some new groups in here, so meet three of them:

Oregon Cultural Access-Disability Art and Culture Project – $8,000
Disability is a natural and valuable variation of the human form. The Disability Art and Culture Project furthers the artistic expression of people with disabilities and utilizes the performing arts as a method of examining disability in relation to society and develops disability culture and pride.

Good Grief America – $8,000
Based in Central Point, Good Grief America was started by homeowners in Southern Oregon facing foreclosure, to help people push back against the banks forcing them out of their homes. Good Grief America restores economic justice and personal dignity to Oregon families by challenging Wall Street’s siphoning of money and resources out of our local communities and the economy. GGA now serves over 1,000 members statewide.

CAPACES Leadership Institute – $15,000
The institute, based in Woodburn, is building on decades of work by PCUN and other MRG grantees. The CAPACES Leadership Institute is a place where social change leaders of today and tomorrow engage the big ideas and values that define the Latino movement and gain the skills to apply these ideas to modern organizing.

These groups share a quality in common: they do one thing well, but have a commitment to support a broader social justice movement. We’re pleased to be supporting groups that work for disability rights, racial justice, environmental protection, economic justice, youth development, LGBTQ liberation, housing/homelessness – together these groups are taking on every piece of work for justice — if you haven’t seen the list, take a look at the 22 groups that received grants this cycle and how much they received.

Do you want to see more grants from MRG Foundation for social justice organizing? Or bigger grants to support the sorts of changes you want to see in the world? Consider making a donation to the groups and the causes you care about. Make a donation to support social justice organizing across Oregon for every type of justice!

Image above courtesy of Good Grief America.

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