Did you know that giving appreciated stock to MRG can mean saving money while supporting social justice?

Like many folks, you might also be asking yourself, what will the tax rates be in 2013?  We just don’t know at this point. But here’s the good news: this year may be a great one to make a gift of appreciated stock to MRG or to set up a donor advised fund to support your giving over time.

Your gift of stock to MRG supports grassroots organizing throughout Oregon and it’s a great way to save on your tax bill.

The stock market is still at nearly the height it was before the great recession. That means if you are planning on making a larger gift to MRG Foundation, you would benefit from donating appreciated stock instead of cash— because when you give appreciated stock, not only will you receive a charitable tax-deduction for your gift, you also won’t have to pay the capital gains tax on the shares of stock you’ve given.

If you’d like to make a gift of stock to MRG, just tell your broker which shares you’d like to give and provide the following information about MRG Foundation:

Schwab account #: 6112-9067

DTC #: 0164

If you have any questions about donating stock, please email Sheryl Sackman or call us 503-289-1517.

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