MRG Donor-advised funds strengthen our impact for social justice in Oregon and around the world

Community organizing and social justice are what I do. I have spent much of my later life volunteering with community organizing non-profits and organizing with those who are marginalized. This commitment to social justice pushed me to think about the best ways to support the movement and share my passion with my family. Philanthropy is one way that is important to me. My background in social justice made opening my DA fund with MRG a natural fit.

It is important to have structure for my philanthropy. Having a donor-advised fund is structured philanthropy that I can do with my family. With this style of planning, I can work with my daughter while I am living and have discussions about how we want to demonstrate our values through giving. It’s a way that we can come together as a family.

Partnering with MRG is important to me because it supports organizations as they are coming up. You just need a strong mission and a connection to the affected community. This is important because the funds nurture organizations that are just starting. I also appreciate MRG’s grantmaking process. It is not a secret board of people who are deciding. It is people from the community that I want to represent my money.

MRG’s DA Fund program has provided me with the structure, research, and confidence I need to make decisions with my family about how our money can make a difference in the social justice movement now and into the future.

Bob Brown
DA Fund Holder