photo of three people at Strengthening Action for Justice meeting

Virginia Camberos of Unite Oregon Medford chapter opens the Strengthening Action for Justice meeting while Katie Sawicki and Stephan Herrera facilitate.

On July 19 a cross section of community organizing groups and philanthropic groups working in southern Oregon spent the better part of the day together. Their purpose was to identify common challenges and barriers to social change, and explore how community groups and those in philanthropy could work more collaboratively toward shared outcomes. The result is Strengthening Action for Justice: southern Oregon edition, a report of the day now available for reading and sharing.

MRG’s Capacity Building Initiative groups helped to organize the event with the support of Katie Sawicki and Stephan Herrera.  The meeting was patterned on a similar event which happened in May, 2018 in Portland with the same objectives: How do we, as people working for justice, understand our unprecedented national political climate and take into account that climate for the long term?  And what are the opportunities we have to work more collaboratively during these critical times?

The convening provided funders and community groups in southern Oregon the opportunity to take stock of changes at the national and local levels.  The day included small group exercises to identify and affirm shared, baseline values and possible collaborative action. It was also an opportunity for community groups to voice emerging challenges – in programming, operations, and advocacy; for those in philanthropy to share what they are learning; and for all participants to identify some concrete ways we can support each other moving forward. Recommendations about specific options for collaboration surfaced through small group conversation and are included in the report. Thanks to Oregon Community Foundation for hosting the event at their office in Medford.

Strengthening Action for Justice: southern Oregon edition is the report from this convening and is now available for review here.  If you are interested in being a part of future such conversations and follow up to this event, please email Katie at [email protected].