Yulia is a Portland-based performance artist and co-founder of Wobbly – a multidisciplinary performance project founded in 2006 with her partner Erik Ferguson. Since then, they have created many original short works, a full-length group dance theatre production, performed in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Barcelona, were part of a six-month residency at Studio 2@Zoomtopia (now N.E.W. Expressive Works), and two short art films.

Wobbly’s work is in part supported by grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Project. Yulia also works as an independent choreographer and has created original works for Polaris Dance Company as well as several solo works. In 2013, Yulia received the Lilla Jewel Award for Women Artists to create a new dance work for MRG Foundation’s annual social justice fundraiser.

As an educator, Yulia has taught classes and workshops to people of all ages and abilities. She is currently teaching dance at PHAME and Public Annex.