Oblio  is a former family therapist who turned social justice activist when they decided to follow their heart. Oblio holds a B.S. in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, and a M.Ed. in Couples and Family Therapy. 

Oblio is the Interim Executive Director, Grant and Training Director of the non-profit TransPonder, a support, resource hub and training organization based in Eugene, Oregon that works on issues of gender diversity. Oblio gives presentations all over the country on topics of gender, sexuality, sexual health, intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ communities, addiction, power and privilege, consent, couples’ therapy, alternative relationship models, and healthy communication. Oblio consults with numerous organizations to assess their environment regarding unconscious bias and conscious inclusion in policies and procedures, materials, infostructure, and physical space. 

Oblio is the founder of Gender Camp, a week-long camp for intra and interpersonal growth and community building and is on the organizing committee of the International Gender Odyssey conference. They founded the Rainbow Village at the Oregon Country Fair, a LGBTQIA dedicated space and resource booth and The Rainbow Connection, an LGBTQIA+ affinity space. They also  co-created the Queer Sanctuary at Beloved Festival and work in tandem allyship for the TBIPOC Sanctuaries at both festivals. Oblio teaches regularly for Lost Valley Educational Center and the University of Oregon on topics of identity, community building, and communication.